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You might end-up visit here at this site because you're curious or perhaps, you wondering what this website all about? You might have already learned who is the creators of this site who strongly believes in YAHUAH. YAHUSH who is the Almighty Father who made the heaven and earth. You probably already have or will learned that He only follow, practice, and believe in the Old Testament (or TANAKH) doctrine?  End-up here because you want to know a little bit more about him. Why is he taking the stand strongly, to broadly immunity against the false doctrine who teaches it? What truth did he discovered to learned and why is he arising this awareness so bad?

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Welcome to this website, Attest.TV which was created in the early 2020 but it wasn’t fully completely and not active until the year 2021. Due to the crazy pollical outrage that has happened after January 6th, 2020, election. And the on-going pandemic Coronavirus (COVID-19) which started spreading in America in early 2020. All of this on-going difficult time is part of the reason why I, Bro. Pouliot made a planned to create this website. After what has happen at the Capitol riot, most of the social media network platform had hurt millions of people and people starting to lose trust with some of these social media platform companies. Plus, millions of people distrust with the government playing dirty business over the voting fraud and many other reasons. Which is why I have been gathering many possible video(s) evidence why our nation are at corruption etc...


Until just before the end of 2021 years, my journey belief has change what I disbelieve about the Bible. Something shocking and disturbing I have discovered to learned. This is why I’ve decided to created this website for number of reasons. And why I have close down my former website (Word 2 Believe). To raise awareness mostly about the Biblical doctrine in the New Testament turn out to be a false doctrine. While I am also raising the awareness about how our government are treating and abusing us in America badly since the early generation of our ancestors time. How did our American laws and the education system change over time abuse our society way of life blindly. 


My former website “Word 2 Believe.info” last almost 10 years before my fundamental belief changed. In the beginning of my testimony journey, it started way back in the year 2006. Before I have build the first website in 2009. To share and spread the shocking discovery I have learned in the Bible about SHABBAT (Sabbath) and many other doctrine that difference from how I have compare everything I was taught from the Catholicism doctrine. I have became more like a Biblical detective to investigate the truth behind the false doctrine. Year by year, I have gain so much knowledge to be able to understand better how the scripture books should be taught correctly. It change my life big time. The words in the scripture books is the words of the Creator ONE who have help me turn my life around to the right way. Changed the way I live and believe about our Creator ONE who made the heaven and earth. How all of this lead me out of the darkness path to the light of the truth. 

Until November 2021, new shocking truth had finally reveal to open my eyes much wider. After how I have also compared with the Old Testament books VS the New Testament books. To see why I beginning to notice some of the error and conflict between these two side of the books. It turn out to be true. I was pretty shocked and disappointed to see how dumb and blind i was not to be able to notice it all those time of investigation. This whole thing is the reasons why I want to take a stand against the false doctrine, evangelists, and teachers who are teaching us the New Testament doctrine that are scam and hoax books of all time. Worse than the 1969 NASA moon landing history hoax. Because I believe this whole things I have discovered to learned, is the reasons why our society of life always heading to the corruption situation. 


So, I am a Deaf/Hard of Hearing guy who is fighting for my life against the lied and corruption. I am doing my best to be worthy followship man, who want to be a worthy servant to YAHUAH. YAH who is our Creator Father, the Sovereign ONE, the Most-High, and the only Redeemer who is the King of kings of heavens and earth. Who am I hoping for all humanity to wake up to know what truth that had been hidden from us? What false doctrine were we being taught and betrayed in our education system for century. A time for us to wake up and take a stand, to repent, and to turn our path to YAH’s way of LIFE instead of man world.