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Welcome to Attest.TV

Welcome to Attest.TV, you might have end-up visiting here because you either were referral or just happened found this website. Whether you are curious or perhaps wondering what does he believes in or what’s this website is all about? Here at Attest.TV, you will discover and learn what's Bro. Pouliot's (Philip Pouliot) purpose here on this site.


In this website Bro. Pouliot provides numerous of different resources information and his research homework. Where he mostly explains why he no longer 

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believe in the New Testament Bible. From what and  how              teaches HIS way oppose to what the preacher of the world of man teach. All in the documents and videos file. He also share other resources info links as well. He is doing this to have people aware of the false doctrine that had been taught to us for century after centuries. Time to take a stand strong and broadly immunity against the false doctrine who still teaching false doctrine. 



Welcome to Attest TV, a site which was created in early 2020 but was not active until the year 2021. A site where I, Bro. Pouliot, the host of this site, stores my information and research of all the discovery truths I’ve found and learned from the scripture books of the Covenants of the old against the so-called Holy Bible. The Bible is the ideal of the books of the Old Testament (OT) and New Testament (NT). Along with all of the world history written by numerous witnesses as well. 

I ended up created this website 'Attest TV', because my fundamental belief has recently changed. I once followed and dealt with the OT and NT doctrine ever since growing up, but my original testimony that changed my life around was back in the year 2006. I had a former website called ‘Word 2 Believe’ and it lasted about 10 years before my journey of belief had changed. The first reason why I created the website after three years of biblical research like never before in my early lifetime. I was raised and taught in the Catholicism world, because all my relatives and people I knew were also taught in the Catholicism world. 

Before I had built the first website back in 2009, I had become like a biblical detective investigating the lies of this false doctrine about Sunday Lord's Day of rest. A word that caught my attention ‘SABBATH’, this word Sabbath, led me to figure out why the so-called Christian worship God on Sunday while the Jewish worship their God on Saturday. Because when I first clearly understood what the 4th commandment said in Exodus 20:8-11, is to remember the Sabbath day etc… Discovered that this day happens on the 7th day of the weekly cycle. 

Year by year have gone by, I have gained so much knowledge after discovering about the Sabbath Day law, there was so much to understand why this had changed my life around. Apart from the Catholicism doctrine and so for many other domination I stay away. Because they all came out from the false ancient doctrine like the Catholic domination did since the Roman Empire days and changed into their own form of doctrine beliefs. I tend not to desire to do the same, but to only follow the Creator Almighty ONE,             ’s way and HIS teachings. Until November 2021, there was another big shocking discovery I have learned that opened my eyes wider and clearer. I was blind not to notice just as many are still blind about this discovery I now see. When I start doing the new research by comparing every word what's               has said and what YahuSha (Jesus) said. I have also compared what the genealogy had said between the OT and NT, turns out to have numerous conflicts and errors? I have also found numerous copycats as well. After a month of research, I realized that the NT doctrine books were actual false doctrine hoaxes of all time history. This makes NASA’s 1969 moon landing history the 2nd hoax of all time history. 

I am a Deaf/HOH man who has been fighting for my life, against the false doctrine, against the false teachers, preachers, and even false prophets, against the education world of man, and the lies of the corruption world run by the government who aren’t working for us. Here at this site Attest dot TV, I am sharing, spreading, and tagging everyone on the network to get everyone a chance to wake up and see what shocking truth I have discovered to learn, they need to hear or read before it is too late. Time is short because              is coming back. 

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