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Welcome to Attest.TV

Welcome to Attest.TV, you might have ended-up visiting here because you were either a referral or just happened to find this website. Whether you are curious or wondering what Bro. Pouliot believes in. What’s this website all about? Here at Attest.TV, you will discover and learn what's his purpose on this site. Attest.TV provides numerous different resources and information about Bro. Pouliot’s investigation research work and there is some other helpful resource information that are not related to his investigation. Most of his research work is based on why he no longerbelieve in the New Testament Bible.

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From written documents, videos, and other informational resources in files. He is doing this to warn and spread this awareness of the false doctrine that had been taught to us for centuries after centuries. A time now to take a stand against the false doctrine who are still teaching these false doctrines. 


My name is Philip Pouliot, and this is my website. Welcome to Attest.TV, a site which was created in the early 2020 but it wasn’t active until the year 2021. Due to the delayed major situation during the COVID-19 pandemic, to the day when the government brought in more corruption after what happened during the election fraud. I, as Bro. Pouliot am just a simple man who desires for the truth. I am not a pastor or professional evangelism, nor any kind of leader but more like a scripture detective. I store up all my investigation research work here. To share the attest truth against the false doctrine which will benefit everyone with information we may not know about. 

I ended up creating this website as 'Attest TV', because my fundamental belief has recently changed. I once followed and believed in everything what the “Holy Bible” teaches but not anymore. This is not my first testimony that changed the way I believe in the Creator Almighty ONE. I once believed in the ONCENESS who is YahuHa (Jesus), who I thought was the same Almighty ONE, the Father who came down from heaven in the flesh ever since 2006. This is why I once had this old website called ‘Word 2 Believe’ which lasted about 10 years before my journey belief had changed back in December 2021. After I discovered numerous of conflicts and errors between the Old Testament and New Testament Bible. Finding that the New Testament books are actually the false doctrine books of all time history. Which leaves the Old Testament books the only truth. So, this is my second great testimony of the shocking discovery truth. 

The first great testimony of the shocking discovery truth was about the ‘SABBATH’. This happened back in the year 2006. I grew up in the Catholicism belief, and the whole time I thought that Sunday was the Lord's Day of rest. While I was reading the Bible there I saw a small prefix info explaining that the Jewish follow/practice the Sabbath day on Saturday while the Christian practice Sabbath day on Sunday. This has caused me a little skippy to wondering why there are two different days of rest from two different beliefs? If the scripture speaks of only one Sabbatical Day, which is on the weekly seventh day? So, I decided to continue reading deeply the Bible from Genesis to Revelation like never before. So that I can find any possible reason for a change. Turns out that the Sabbath day wasn’t supposed to change after all. After I've learned that the Torah, the law said not to change any of             's commandments. Also, because I have discovered from the Catholicism history, they are responsible for the change of Saturday (Sabbath day) rest to Sunday as Sabbath day rest. 

After that first shocking discovery, I stayed away from the Catholic Church and started on a new journey. ​Start exploring for more truth and even I have been looking for true believers. Until about the year 2010, I realized all the so-called domination name churches are not the true believers. That is why I started creating my first old website by spreading the awareness truth online about the Sabbath and many other shocking truths. Until December 2021, a new major change about why I no longer believe the New Testament doctine of YahuSha (Jesus). Which guides me much clearer truth path than ever before. I shut down this old website (Word 2 Believe) by creating a new website (Attest.TV). To spread the attest truth about the false doctrine online. 

I am a Deaf/HOH man who has been fighting for my life, from the corruption of the nation we live in and I have made many mistakes in my life. Which got me into a lot of trouble with the law and was homeless few times. Blaming our ancestors’ fathers for having us living in the darkness world, a world that get everyone in trouble and even die. A world which we all have been ignoring             ’s way of life HE created for us to live in HIS path. Even many of us don’t think so because they still have this Bible and feel they are save by grace, yet are actually still blind. This is why I am fighting against the false doctrine of this so-called JESUS, the Messiah, by the false teachers, false preachers, and even to the false prophets who all claimed about him. Because we are under the world system of men who bring in the bad education alone, while the government is involved in this corruption aren’t working for us. 


This is why at this website, I am sharing, spreading, and tagging everyone online network. To get people a chance to wake up about the discovery I have discovered before it is too late. Time is short because            , the Almighty ONE is coming back very soon.


White word YHUH_edited_edited.png
White word YHUH_edited_edited.png
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