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Welcome to Attest.TV, a website where Bro. Pouliot saves all of his document research work. All of his homework research which is provides numerous different resources and information on-site. From written documents to video logs. Most of his research he had been investigating the Bible and historical books since 2006. This website is built for the purpose of spreading and sharing the truth against false doctrine to the world.


You might have ended up visiting here because you were either referred to come here or just randomly found this website. Here at Attest.TV, you might be wondering what beliefs does Philip believe in? What fellowship member does he belong to? Where is he getting all this information? Whether you’re curious or not. What’s the main goal of this website, Attest to spread the world the truth? 

Bro. Pouliot words:


Hi and Shalom, my name is Philip Pouliot, as Bro. Pouliot. I created this website for a very good reason. This website was created back in early 2020 but it wasn’t active until the year 2021. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic delayed my mission to this website. I once had an old website called “Word 2 Believe” before I created this site. The purpose of this website is to spread and share the shocking discovery truth I have learned. This Holy Bible I have read from Genesis to Revelation more than once, has opened my eyes ever before. What shocked me after the discovery of truth, is how I compared everything I was taught by my parent, grandparents, and especially the Catholic teachers who did not entirely speak of the truth from what and how the Bible directly taught me. In other words, I was taught a mixture of true and false. I weed out the false doctrine.


By this present day, my fundamental belief is no longer to believe in this so-called “Holy Bible”, however, I still do accept the Old Testament (or TANAKH) doctrine books. So, my mission here is to continue to do more investigation and spread/share about it. We the people really need to wake up about this shocking lie we have been taught for many centuries. This whole lie I have discovered is the main reason why the worldly education system is so corrupt that it always continues to alter the right way.


I am a Deaf man who has been fighting for my whole life, from being curious to getting in trouble with the law. I have been living in a corrupt world. Which explains why I have been in a lot of trouble during my young life. Until one day, after the discovery truth, it woke me up big time. We have been in this corruption mess blindly for years. And it’s hard for me to blame our ancestors for lying about everything. How the Catholics (and even the Jewish) cowardly knew the truth but didn’t believe in the truth and kept it secret from us for centuries. This is why I have been doing my best to keep pushing myself to fight against those lies. Against those false educators who are responsible for altering                 ’s teachings way. To inform people that we must repent and turn to the right way. For the gorily Supreme Father,                 who is our only Almighty Master in heaven, true Mediator, and the only Emperor of the universe. We must respect HIS creation law of life which everyone is not heading in that direction. 

Here on this website, you have the opportunity to explore, discover, and do the research work. To be like a scriptural detective who goes and finds the attested truth.  

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