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Document(s) - Bro. Pouliot's homework research

- Moral Discipline  or (open on Google Drive)

Why Bro. Pouliot No Longer Believe in The NT Bible?     UPDATE 

What Is Wrong With This Picture In John 8:3-11?  PDF   

- The Sefer of Turah, Nebuah, & BiYnah Davar of                  OR   (
PDF on Google Drive)  

- My NAME is  I AM        

              (I AM who I AM)  DO NOT CHANGE     

Change a Good Thing?   

Don’t Let the Heart of the Book Twist Fool You  


- Why Did I Left the Seventh-Day Adventists?  

- Is the Book of Mormon a Fraud?  


Be a Proper Observant Scientist       

- When Does the 24-Hours Creation Day Began?   

- Where Did the Roman-Gregorian Time System Come From?
   PDF  or open on Google Drive

- Annual Sabbatical Appointed Time     PDF  or   Google Drive

- Shabbat?  (PDF slide)   

- Shabbat?  (Slide)   

Understand YAH’s Creation Duty for Us      PDF  or  Google Drive

Moed of Peasch - The Appointed Passover   

- Festival of Passover & Unleavened Bread       PDF-slide  

- Festival of Tabernacles (shelters)      PDF     or   Google Drive 

- Memorial of 40 Years Wildernesses and On the Promise Lands   

Where did              the Creator Come From?   

- Did              Created the Sin of Evil?   

The Sealing Blood of the Covenant Promise    

- Future of Destruction & The Word of Hell   
PDF or Google Drive 

- We Have Broken               's Household Covenant       NEW 

Creationism VS. Evolution      PDF 

- Why Did the Creator Created Us?   

- TANAKH TIMELINE (earth's timeline) from Adam's day to present day    PDF 

Nebuchadnezzar's Dream of the Status  PDF or Google Drive 

- Earth Once Was Small & One Landmass Planet  

Is Hot Lava Found in the Scripture books   

- Earth Do Not Move      UPDATE 

Is the Name of America a Proud Name?     PDF

The Two Wings-Covering Cherubim of The Ark   

- Let's Talk About "SPORT"  

- Let’s Talk About Baptism  

- LIVE is LIFE     PDF   or    PPTX on Google Drive  

- Isaiah Chpt. 52 & 53 Message Against NT Jesus    

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