YAH's Appointed Calendar System

2022 YAH Calendar Sysytem_edited.jpg

YAH's Appointed Time Date

2022 Appointed Time Date Chart.jpg

Two Witness Spotted Barley (Aviv) in Jerusalem March 2022
No witness in USA

This odd calendar above is set like a 30 days one roll month, 12 roll of months in one year. This equal like a 360 days a year. Yet, we are not to reline on exact 360 (or any pagan number such as 365, 355 or 383) days a years. Stick with YAH's appointed time instruction.  To understand how to track YAH's yearly calendar system, we must understand that there is about 12 New Moon (Months) cycle every year. Some year might end up another month, because of the green early barley ear plants haven't appear yet.  We are to count every first and seventh New Moon (month) cycle, in order to track three feast festival appointed time of holidays. To understand these methods, please obverse this calendar system along with this "YAH's Appointed Time Date" chart below.