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Moons Appointed Calendar System

YHUH 2024 Calendar System.jpg

This odd calendar above is a set of like 30 days by 12 months cycle year. This equals 360 days a year. Yet, we are not to rely on the exact 360 (or any pagan number such as 365, 355, or 383) days a year anyway. Stick with a simple                 's appointed time (Creation time) system that is instruction from the Scripture books. Understand why                  's calendar system is followed by the sign of time such as the sun, moon, and stars. The daytime and night cycle by the sun, the season-by-season cycle by the moon, and the yearly cycle are known by the stars’ movement. Knowing that 12 New Moon (Months) cycle equals one year. However, some years might end up with the 13th month, because we must also rely on checking for the barley early green ear plants if it hadn't appeared on the 12th month before the next New Moon.  We are only to focus on and count the first and seventh New Moon (month) cycle for appointed holidays. To track three feast festivals' appointed time of holidays. While the other new moon cycle days are not the appointed (Sabbatical) holidays. To understand these methods, please obverse this calendar system along with the "                 's Appointed Time Date" chart below. 


Appointed Time Holiday Schedule

2024 YHUH Apoointed Time Schedule fit.jpg

More than one eyewitness had checked for barley in Israel
Please understand that these eyewitnesses below do not follow or practice the same way Bro. Pouliot believe in the appointed time system according to how he follows and practice on this website. 

Feb 9th, 2024 1st Barley Report

Feb 20, 2024 2nd Barley Report

March 5th, 2024 Other Witnesses Report

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