Why Am I

Doing This?

Here at the vlog site called “Attest”, you may be wondering what this video blogging site all about? You will discover this site run by one-man name Philip Pouliot who hosts on the vlog site. At Attest, video is often live on broadcast and sometimes not. Bro. Pouliot primarily on Attest.TV is to focus on the biblical evidence against the false doctrine he was taught by parents and Sunday school teachers. You might notice some of the videos he used American Sign Language (ASL), this is because he is a Deaf man who went to the Deaf school. Yet, the unique part is that he can speak out his voice on site for the hearing world also. This Attest vlog site link along with the other website he owns called Word 2 Believe where he wrote many document articles to read there.

Bro. Pouliot own words: I believe we are facing the gaining tribulation time in our generation time. I have recognized this ever since I was a young age, that the world has already gone so dark that so many of us have been lost to the path we think we are going the right way but aren’t. Because I also recognized how many of our nations still in a corrupted situation. Still end up become a divided nation after a war like the old day. After so many wars in the past, we went through, we are still facing against one another for another war. I believe in our time; we will end up witnesses something much worse like never before. Because of how much lack of heart and mind we have fallen away from LOVE. We all have been living on the worldly way of man instead of the ONE who created us and gave us the laws of the guiding commandment. We must wake up and see why we are losing our way and always falling. It is time to turn back and see where we came from and know who is our Creator ONE, our Almighty heavenly Father who can guide us a way of life better. Better than by man own way. I did turn around and search for the truth about our past as where did we come from and were, we created by the existing eternal ONE?

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